Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Welcome to Viva Las DIY! I’m Ari, a Yank and my boyfriend is Jason, a Brit and we hit the jackpot during a trip to Vegas- hence the name of our blog. Our paths crossed at a random little bar on the strip, Carnival Court, the rest is history. Fast forward a few years to now and we’ve just bought our first house in Massachusetts! Click here for some details on how we got to this point and a little bit more information about who we are!
Now it must be said that I am not claiming to replace the need for professionals with this blog but with our budget being small (yes a large % of our savings went into actually buying the house), any projects I can do myself to save some money I will have a damn good go at. I will also rope Jason in when I need him. It may take us 10 times as long and 5 attempts to get it correct but it will be our work. When a project is finished I can stand back and look at the results (hopefully with some pride) and think it was worth the countless hours of hard graft that I put in! 
I hope you join us on our journey to making this house our home. I also hope you’ll agree that, with some help from Jason, I am on my way to becoming a HGTV pro and that the Gaines family will have no choice but to hand over their roles as hosts of Fixer Upper to us!
Take a look around omy blog to find posts on past, present and future projects. I hope that any tips & tricks I learn, and even screw ups, will help you in your projects! Please, please please leave any tips you may have, trust me here, they will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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